Aliver Range

A conservatory is more than just an extra space, it opens your home up to a whole new way of living.

A conservatory is the place where your house meets the garden and you can bring the outdoors in, whatever the season. From relaxing afternoons to stylish parties, romantic dining to raucous entertaining, a conservatory really is the most versatile room in your home.

Guaranteed to become the most popular place in the house, it can be used all year round – which is why we build them to last. Warm and comforting in winter, cool and airy in summer, a conservatory will transform your home and quality of life.



  • This series is mainly used in private houses to construct conservatory roofs.
  • Light streets and pyramid roofs.
  • Faceted roofs

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryConservatory
Aliver Range Aliver Range